The Battle Between Adidas And Nike

Published: 09th August 2010
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Adidas trainers and Nike, both of sports brands bring many inspire to people that grow up under the same history ground. The story of Adidas mainly happened in Europe, by several innovations from 50's to 70's, a leading market brand was born. Nike unique success story is staged in the United States, which began in the 70's, grew up in the 80's, take off in the 90's. The development of the two companies has too many stories about the history of thought-provoking.
Two major sports brands, no matter in the football field or basketball field, which are in competition with the hope of riding the world's No. 1 sports brand. Adi Dassler and his successors have only one belief: to provide the best products for athletes to make their performance better. And an international venue such as the Olympic Games is undoubtedly the best platform for inspecting product quality. Globally, Adidas's marketing strategy is the key to world-class sporting events and to build closer ties. In addition to the World Series, the Adidas also sponsors the national team and regions around the world. This is different from Nike which emphasis on sponsoring individual athletes, the latter greater hopes on the success of athletes and role models both inside and outside the performance arena.
In the top business accompany of FIFA, Adidas trainers has been dominant, Nike could not set foot in. In order to beat Adidas, Nike has ever invested 100 millions in the World Cup of Japan and Korea. German World Cup, there are six teams wearing Adidas the famous "clover" mark appears in the game. And at the same time, Nike, with eight teams have signed a sponsorship contract. Adidas and Nike battle for the Olympic Games have a long history. Take the Beijing Olympic Games, as the world's second-largest sporting goods consumer market, China has become the target of the world's major brands seizing. Prior to this, Nike with the high popularity in young group, slightly ahead of Adidas that operated several years in China.
To this, Adidas in 2006, after achieving qualifications as sponsor with the Beijing Olympic Games, will be brewing beyond the Nike program. Adidas paid approximately a record 80 million U.S. dollars to enable the company has opportunity to display the Adidas logo on all the athletes when podium. Adidas also for the Chinese delegation, Olympic organizers and volunteers more than 60 million people provided clothing. There are almost 40 million people to watch the Olympic TV, so it has enough exposure for Adidas to beyond Nike, brought out unintended effects.
However, very proud of their own alternative image for Nike, playing a guerrilla war, quietly with Chinese all kinds of sports teams have signed sponsorship agreements , and 28 major events in 22 sports teams to sign agreement to provide their race clothing and shoes. It is shown that Nike sponsored team, compared to Adidas, Li Ning of sporting goods suppliers even more than the total amount of sponsorship. However, despite the strong shocks experienced from Nike, Adidas announced during the Olympic Games in Beijing, with 22% market share exceeded 21% of rival Nike to become the first brand of Chinese sports market.
This year, in order to expand its scope, Adidas got the qualification as the FIFA sponsor in South Africa World Cup, and launched Adidas World Cup Trainers, to commemorate South Africa World Cup.

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